About the SIAW

The SIAW Institute at the University of St.Gallen has been founded in 1943.

Since this time, issues related to the international economic order and economic policies have been a traditional focus of our institute's activities. Additionally, our journal Aussenwirtschaft (The Swiss Review of International Economic Relations) has provided both academic thinkers and policymakers with valuable analyses of the world economy for more than half a century.

The research and consulting areas of our staff currently focus on the following topics:

• European Integration (particularly with regard to Swiss-EU Relations)
• International Trade Policy (coordination of the Global Trade Alert initiative)
• International Competitiveness of Economic Policies
• International Trade and Economic Inequality
• Trade, Financial Markets and their Regulation
• Political Institutions and their Effects on Economic Policies
• Natural Resources, Governance, and Development
• Development Assistance

Our teaching activities aim to provide the students of the University of St.Gallen with thorough training in international economic theory and policy as well as political and public economics. We teach in Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes in both economics and international affairs. In addition to this, we engage in the training of executives as we participate in the continuing education programmes of our university. In this respect, on-going research and consulting at our institute help us quickly integrate new important developments in the world economy into our curriculum. This assures both timeliness and an appropriate balance of theoretical and practical aspects with regard to the courses we offer.