A tool for visualization of economic data and their relationships

Which country has the largest gross domestic product in the world? The race is won by the USA or China, depending on the measure of GDP used. Which measures make the difference here?

Do Swiss exports fall as the value of the Swiss franc rises? Perhaps surprisingly: no, they don't. Are there any negative effects of a strong Swiss franc? And can a general prediction be made as to how strongly exports will react to the fluctuating value of the Swiss franc?

Is it the case that the lowest GDP growth rates are to be found in the countries with the highest birth rates?

All these questions can easily be answered with DataSight, and it can do much more. Take a look!


  • was originally developed at the SIAW in 2015 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Johannes Binswanger for Executive MBA courses at HSG and is regularly used there. For many managers, data is not (yet) their bread and butter. DataSight enables a simple analysis of time series incl. representation in bars, dynamic representation on maps and visualization of correlations of two variables in scatterplots. The latter makes it possible to test hypotheses or theories. Due to the interactive nature of the tool, data can be "experienced".
  • is also very suitable for students at the bachelor level and for use in bachelor theses. It is currently being used at the ZHAW and the University of Lucerne.
  • is also suitable for live use in class and in slides, as links provide direct access to selected graphics (see example). Links remain stable; the data is automatically updated, eliminating the need to update data/graphics manually in teaching materials.
  • accesses public databases (e.g. World Bank or OECD data).
  • is constantly being further developed. The team is open to new ideas, cases and data sets.

Are you interested in using DataSight in class or elsewhere? Then please contact us. We are happy to support you!

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