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Charles Gottlieb

Charles Gottlieb

Charles Gottlieb

Prof. Ph.D.

Associate Director Global Center

Büro 29-007
Bodanstrasse 8
9000 St. Gallen
Main Focuses



Household Finance

Fields of research



Household Finance

Monetary Policy

  • PhD Economics, European University Institute, 2007-2012
  • DEA Macroeconomie, Sorbonne, 2005
Professional Career
  • Research Associate, University of Cambridge, 2014-2015
  • Post doctoral Research Fellow, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, 2012-2014
  • Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, 2005-2007 


Teaching Activities
  • Development Economics, Undergraduate
  • Household Finance, Undergraduate 
  • International Trade, Undergraduate 
  • Advanced Macroeconomics III, Graduate
  • Quantitative Economic Policy, Graduate
  • Dynamic Programming, Graduate
  • Economics in Practice, Graduate 
  • HSG - Teaching load reduction for Public policy impact, 2020. 
  • HSG - Teaching load reduction for Top-Top publication, 2018.
  • HSG - FT50 Success Fee for publication in Journal of Finance, 2017.
  • Best paper award for the paper ’On the distributive effects of inflation’ presented at the XV Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics, Vigo, 2010.
  • PhD Scholarship of the French Ministry of Education, 2007-2011.              

Invited Seminars

- 2021: University Paris-Dauphine, University of St. Andrews, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, University of Fribourg.

- 2020: University of Zurich, World Bank - Poverty Group.

- 2019: CERGE-EI, University of Basel, University of Lucerne, University of Lugano, University of Oxford.

- 2018: Toulouse School of Economics, University College London, University of Lausanne, NUS (Singapore), Carlos III Madrid.

- 2016: York University (Toronto).

- 2015: Atlanta Fed, University of St. Gallen, Goethe University Frankfurt.

- 2014: University of Basel.

- 2013: HEC Paris.

- 2011: University of Oxford.

Conferences & Workshops

- 2021: AEA meetings “Labor markets in developing countries: Micro and macro perspectives”, SED meetings.

- 2020: IZA/World Bank/NJD/UNU-WIDER Jobs and Development Conference, Swiss Development Network (DENS), Swiss Macro Workshop, EEA meetings.

- 2019: Swiss Development Network.

- 2018: Swiss Macro Workshop, SAET (invited session).

- 2017: Swiss Macro Workshop, EUI Alumni Conference.

- 2016: DEGIT Nottingham.

- 2015: Verein Fur Socialpolitik, SED, ESRC Kampala.

- 2014: Workshop Monetary Policy and Inequality (Atlanta Fed), EUI Alumni Conference, Cambridge Macroeconomics Working Group, Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI), Workshop on Macroeconomic Dynamics (EIEF), Summer meetings of the econometrics society.

- 2013: PHF-SAVE Conference, University of Oxford, Mannheim Workshop in Quantitative Macroeconomics, Bundesbank & Free University Berlin Workshop, EEA.

- 2012: SED, French Economist Association, EUI Macro Student Lunch, Brown bag University of Oxford (x2).

- 2011: Cambridge University Lunch Seminar, EUI Macro Student Lunch, Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Bergen Workshop for Economic Dynamics.

- 2010: Society for Computational Economics, XV Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics (Vigo).